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Gear oil

Product:Gear Oil

Quality grade:GL-4,GL-5

Viscosity grade:75W-90,80W-90,85W-90,85W-140

Description:This product is made of deeply refined base oil and imported additives which meet the lubrication demand that gear system should have under the conditions of low speed with high torque or high speed with low torque and others. The performance is outstanding and lasting.

It has a high-efficiency extreme pressure agent, anti-wear agent and has an excellent anti-wear protection performance.Through CRC L-37 high-speed with low-torque, low-speed with high-torque and CRC L-42 high-speed impact bench test it effectively prevent tooth surface abrasion, adhesion and card bite.

This product is superior in anti-oxidation, anti-shearing performance and effectively prevent oil from aging prematurely, viscosity decreasing under high temperature and high speed condition, inhibit sediment formation and keeps oil clean to extend drain intervals.

The product has an excellent corrosion resistance, anti-rust and anti-foam at 121 ? with copper protection performance and excellent rubber compatibility that protects seals from damaging.

It conforms to the specification of API GL-5 and MIL-L-2105D.



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